New Patch for Procreate App

  • 29 March 2022

The latest Procreate app update has introduced a new feature called "Blur". The blur tool works by simulating a shallow depth-of-field, which makes the selected area of the photo appear blurry, while the rest of the photo is in focus. This is achieved by using the device's camera to create a shallow depth-of-field. Photos can be saved as a new artwork or be used as a layer within a painting. The update also includes a variety of bug fixes and minor changes to the interface. Announcing our latest Procreate update!

Here are the features and improvements you'll find in this update:

The Blur Tool: You can now simulate a shallow depth-of-field with the Blur Tool, making the selected area of your photo appear blurry while the rest of the photo stays in focus. This is achieved by using the device's camera to create a shallow depth-of-field.
Improvements to the Brush Tool: You'll notice more natural brush tips and smoother strokes, as well as the ability to change brush type while drawing.

Bug fixes: We’ve fixed a bunch of the bugs that have been reported, so the app should perform better and be more stable.
Interface changes: You'll notice some interface changes, like the Color Wheel and the Brush type menu.
This update brings over 20 new brushes, four new art materials, and eight new canvas textures, along with a number of fixes and enhancements. The brush engine has been significantly enhanced, with the introduction of a new pressure curve and the ability to customize the shape of the cursor.

We're excited to share with you the latest updates to our Procreate app. We're always working to make the app better and to give you the tools you need to create the art you want. We've added a new tool to the app's arsenal with the new Rounded Rectangle tool. With this new addition, you can draw with an even distribution of sharpness or round off your corners, giving your illustrations a more cartoon-like feel. We're also bringing you a new way to share your creations with the introduction of Hi-Res exports. With Hi-Res exports, you can export your projects at their full resolution to a variety of formats, including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and PDF. We've also been working on other features and fixes, including a new Crop tool that gives you more freedom when positioning your crop, a new layer system that will allow you to organize your art in a more efficient way, and a new color picker for more precise color selection. We hope you enjoy these updates and have fun creating!

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