Latest Procreate App Update

  • 31 March 2022

This update to Procreate is full of small changes and fixes. There are a lot of changes to brush workflows, which should make for a smoother workflow for anyone doing any sort of painting or illustration. There are also new tweaks to the drawing import function. Two of the more unique features are the new compatibility with PSD files and the new Live Paint mode. Live Paint mode is a way to paint in Procreate and have it transfer over the strokes you make to a different layer. It is meant for users that are doing a lot of illustration work and want to paint in layers.

The update also includes some fixes for the Apple Pencil. One of the fixes was for the issue where the Pencil wouldn't calibrate, which means that it would be difficult to paint or draw. There was also a fix for issue where Procreate would stop working when the Pencil was removed. This update also fixes an issue where Pencil could be detected as finger on the screen.

The last major fix is for the issue where canvas would shift when zoomed. This fix is specifically for the iPad Pro and the iPad Pro 2018.

This update includes so many small fixes and tweaks to the workflows in Procreate that it is hard to summarize them all here. There are some new and unique features, like Live Paint mode, that make Procreate a more versatile tool for the different sorts of tasks and art styles. This update is worth a download if you are a Procreate user.

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