• Latest Procreate App Update Latest Procreate App Update This update to Procreate is full of small changes and fixes. There are a lot of changes to brush workflows, which should make for a smoother workflow for anyone doing any sort of painting or illustration. There are also new tweaks to the drawing import function. Two of the more unique features are t...
    • 31 March, 2022
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  • Best Procreate Alternatives for iPad Best Procreate Alternatives for iPad Procreate is a digital painting and illustration application for iOS devices. It was developed by Savage Interactive and released on the App Store in 2011. Procreate has been described as "a cross between Photoshop and a traditional art studio", and has been used by professional artists and illustra...
    • 30 March, 2022
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  • New Patch for Procreate App New Patch for Procreate App The latest Procreate app update has introduced a new feature called "Blur". The blur tool works by simulating a shallow depth-of-field, which makes the selected area of the photo appear blurry, while the rest of the photo is in focus. This is achieved by using the device's camera to create a shallow...
    • 29 March, 2022
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